Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Duo with Tgirl Nikki

wow.. what a doll. She is beautiful inside and out. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Nikki as did our client. She is a fantastically sensual woman. No other way to put it... she just also happens to have a dick. cute and smooth balls :P Yes dicks can be cute. They can be ugly as well.. luckily I don`t see too many ugly dicks though.

My client had been with a t-girl before but I hadn`t so it was a real treat for me. Something I`ve fantasized about for a while. Obviously many guys do as well or Nikki wouldn`t be as popular as she is. This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Nikki and I share so many similar interests. We both love thinking about and talking about how people think and how society works. So.. we sat and talked for about 4 hours after our appt.

She is so poised.. a real lady.

She`s in Ottawa til Friday but lives in Toronto. I hope to visit Toronto at some point this summer and hopefully she will be there and available during my visit for you Toronto guys who wish a walk on the wild side :)

view Nikki`s site

oh wait.. you probably want the dirty details of our session! I almost forgot.

Nikki and I put on a little show kissing each other and sucking on each others tits while S stroked himself :) Then when he couldn't stand it anymore he got behind Nikki to caress her gorgeous bottom.

Nikki started licking my pussy.. and is really good at it! Then S moved in to lick me for a while.. and eventually moved on to sucking Nikki's dick.. then I sucked her dick .. then she sucked his.. etc etc..yatta yatta yatta.. I'm going to skip to the end which for me was the hottest part!

S sucked Nikki while he stroked himself and then watching this show was too much for me. I brought my vibrator into the mix and came within a couple minute.. S and I came in unison this way because I guess we`re both highly visual and love mutual masturbation.

So with 2 of us in bliss we turned to work on Nikki who then masturbated herself to orgasm while I kissed her and S sucked on her tits. HOT!!!


John said...

Great experience . Did you had sex with Nikki or only oral sex ?

milfcarriemoon said...

Unfortunately no... I did not have intercourse with Nikki. I still have that fantasy yet to be fulfilled of having a beautiful tgirl fuck me.

Big T said...

I would love to see you and Nikki having sex that would be so hot.