Friday, June 10, 2011

Duo with Soleil

Well! Soleil and I finally had our first GFE duo. We had a really fun trampling duo a couple nighst ago but today we just had our first 3some.. in a bed. Sooo much fun. Soleil and I are good friends but we've never shared a man sexually until today.

I do love women but there must usually be a cock in the midst for me to thoroughly enjoy a woman. Soleil is very sexy and loves sex (to those who know her this is obvious). Today we had a 2 hr threesome and we both got hotter the longer it went on and the more we let go..

Each of us had been well licked and fingered separately while the other was licking tits..

Here's the hottest part for me. At one point after this..each of us being thoroughly satisfied..our male friend went back to going down on Soleil.. I took up a position straddled against his back where I was with my pussy throbbing basically fucking Soleil through him!

Something that really turns me on is riding the small of a man's back and rubbing my pussy on it.. but I frankly forget about it! This was sooooo hot for me because I've never thought to do it when a woman is underneath him!

I could rub her tits while she was in her glory being eaten and fuck her through him!

I hope I'm describing the position and you can picture this..because no photos or video were taken during this session :) Hot hot hot!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

Luv your jerky girls vids just wanted to know if you have worked with Jenny from jerky girls?


Randman said...

Sounds like a very hot session! Yes you described everything perfectly. I pictured everything! Hot indeed!
: )

milfcarriemoon said...

Hi Frank. No. I never met Jenny unfortnately. She's definitely a cutie pie