Friday, June 17, 2011

Nostalgia pics 2003 - red Vikky's teddy

I found this red teddy which is way too small for me. It's a Victoria's Secret size M and I'm an XL or XXL! You will notice in some of these pics the walls in my stairwell which was in my townhouse at South Keys. I painted this ''parchment technique'' from Benjamin Moore in my first house several years ago and loved it.. so I did it again here. You will also notice in the pics where I'm looking up at my camera man I have my eyes half closed or closed.. No.. I'm not stoned here (not my thing) the light was blinding me.

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Randman said...

I didn't think drugs would be your thing. Mine either! The pictures look great. If the lights were blinding, the photographer should have adjusted them! Fabulous pictures as usual though! : )