Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Carrie-oke pics

I've had a busy September socially. I had a friend visiting from Toronto for 12 days and we hit about 8 karaoke bars during her visit. I had another friend visiting for about a week with her dog. He's a 75 lb playful golden retriever who scared the crap out of my little guys... they like doggies their own size.

I did spend a crapload of time in my backyard getting my sunshine as it was so nice out.. and I did a large amount of beading/making jewelry for myself and friends. Some of the below pics were taken on friends/my cellphones so they're not as good quality.. but enjoy regardless :)


Randman said...

I love seeing pics like this, you out having a great time! As I've said before recent pictures rock! : )

Anonymous said...