Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A very rare cougar pickup

This was so out of character for me.. but it is a fantasy out of many young men's minds. I know this because I regularly get emails about this from guys too far away or too chicken to book me.. and I regularly role-play this scenario with much younger guys.

One day a couple weeks ago I was out shopping with a friend of mine. I was wandering around the store shopping and viewed a hunky very well built tall dark and handsome lad also checking me out! We were both with other people obviously so all we could do was exchange a few glances.

A few hours later when I got home.. I get an email. The lad not only recognized me.. we had apparently had a session a year and a half prior. BUT here's the thing.. I likely wouldn't have remembered him anyway only having seen him the once... but he had put on 50 lbs of muscle. You see while I enjoy being the seductress for younger men for pay.. I don't go after then in my real life normally.... why? because they aren't fully developed yet in most cases. They are boys.. not men. This guy was now looking like a man!

We made a date to get reacquainted later that same day and I thought perhaps I'd recognize him once we were naked.. I didn't. lol.

It was such a funny coincidence to run into him that way.. especially because it's a mall way out of my way and I'd only been in the vicinity to meet a 3rd friend for lunch at her place of work. Even more so.. because he had been out of the country for the almost 2 years between our last visit and this one and was only home for a couple weeks to visit family.

For him it was a matter of reacquainting.. for me it felt more of a potential pickup.. not that I would have actually tried to pick him up... but close enough. right?

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