Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan tan part 3

I do tend to go tanning often in the Jan/Feb months... so stay tuned for more pics! I have to find some way to make the winter go faster. I can't wait for summer!
It's been snowing like a mudda the past couple days but I managed to get to the tanning salon on Thursday before battening down the hatches in my house this weekend. Here are a couple pics. I was in my old favorite salon because I had an appt way out in my old neck of the woods so the big mirror room was my choice once again. I took pics in a few outfits so stay tuned for more pics in the next couple weeks. I'll post them a few days apart..

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Anonymous said...

You look fantastic Carrie. You are so sexy and have an amazing body. Keep posting pictures, I love them. Jon in London x