Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jan tan

Here's a couple pics again.. in black this time.. you probably can't really tell because the iphone pics are rather blurry.. but sans makeup. I don't wear alot anyway..


jscot said...

Great! You don't need the make-up. You can wear anything. I am sure you could do something in & for jute that no one else can. Many thanks for the wonderful pics of a more than gorgeous lady.

Randman said...

Thank you for once again posting more of your tanning pictures! I've always said recent pictures rock and this post proves no exception! The pictures are beautiful and simply ravishing (I promised myself I'd use more adjectives to describe you beauty and I am...lol : ) )As for no makeup in these pictures, you don't need it, you are beautiful in every way without it! Enjoy your day! : )

Anonymous said...

great pics of a beautiful woman. keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

You are simply hot.. I can't stop watching all of you..

Hugs and kisses..

An Italian boy..!!

Al said...

Wow Carrie I am always blown away by your pictures. You look so wonderful.