Monday, June 25, 2012

Holy Crap! Fantastic squirting duo!

Holy crap! Sorry to the previous duo clients I've had with Isabelle.. but today's duo was the best so far!
Obviously I wanted to try making Isabelle squirt and I'd been watching how it's done a bit more.. and today I wanted to try it but really didn't think I'd got the hang of it.. plus I tire quite a bit faster than the average man so I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep up the stamina necessary she likes.. well I was wrong. I am so stoked! I got her to squirt twice!

First of all our client today was so cute and so nice and extremely eager to have a threesome for his first time never mind with two older women which he fantasizes about.. so he was thoroughly tickled to know he was getting to be with a hot cougar never mind two.

As much as you may think hot ladies are confident enough and don't need flattery.. they sure as hell do.. so his excitement had me in a happy mood and looking very much forward to seeing him. Plus it had been a little while since we had had a duo and I really enjoy them with Isabelle.

We had been in Sudbury really only one day and we were both exhausted so really relaxed most of the day yesterday. A.. our client was hoping to see us Sunday evening but I assured him Monday morning would be better... and I wasn't the least bit wrong.. hey.. I rarely am.. wink wink :)

She wore my favorite red and black satin outfit. I wore my favorite cougar print one piece.. but frankly we were both naked as was he by 5 min in or less. He lay on the bed watching us make out and played with himself.. but he was so cute I couldn't focus on Isabelle and we joined him fairly rapidly..
Isabelle and I took turns sucking his cock.. and I love watching her while I talk about what a good cocksucker she is and how sexy she is.. while we alternated having her suck my tits and him.. and my sucking his cock and her tits.. etc etc.. you get the picture I'm sure.

I told him if he was good at it.. he could make her squirt and that I wanted to try it as well.. but he should do it first. He did.. and she did! I had the forethought to profide a towel :) So I finally got to see it! woot woot!

I got out her toy and fucked her pussy with her vibrator for a bit but she wanted me to make her squirt.. so I started.. and then realized I wasn't going hard enough because I had my ring on.. so I took it off and gave it all my gusto.. and inserted first a 3rd finger and then my pinkie as well.. and yippee.. she squirted! I was tickled pink!

He had voiced before our appt that he'd really wanted to see me fuck her with a strapon.. so this is when I donned my strapon and got behind her. I fucked her hard man..and she fucking loved it.. hey.. I've been getting quite a bit of practice with that lately haven't I?

Then.. A fucked her with his real cock also from behind for a while.. while I was in front with her sucking my tits. Then I wanted him to fuck me.. which he did missionary on the edge of the bed with my legs up in the air :)

He said.. he wanted to jerk off and cum for us.. so he got on the bed to jerk over my tits and then decided to lay down instead.. asking each of us to get on either side of the bed. Then Isabelle suggested she fuck my tits.. like she did once before.. and got on the other side of me to mount my tits.. but then she lifted herself up and he asked me to get her to squirt again.. so picture this.. she's squatting over my tits and I've got 3 fingers in her snatch and she fucking squirts all over my tits! It was fantastic and I was so happy! What a view! Fuck.. I wish she would do porn..

Now.. he went back to his original position and I told him to cum right on my tits all over where Isabelle has just covered me.. and of course he did :) Badda boom badda bing. Hot Damn that was fantastic..

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