Monday, June 18, 2012


This has become a passion of mine over the past couple years.. but I hadn't realized he had a seminar online. I watched the Garbage Warrior documentary a couple years ago and have wanted to build an earthship ever since. If you haven't watched Garbage Warrior.. view it here And his seminar is here (part I) and here (part II) His website Earthship is continuously updated.. enjoy. Oh.. and here's a recent pic of me out a carrie-oke :)


and one from yesterday after being out in the sunshine

and one from the day before in a blue one :)

seeing a client in my catsuit.. meow!

And an outfit I made for myself.. soon to be seen in a new video clip I'm sure.


Randman said...

I saw the Garbage Warrior doc and it was great! It really is fascinating stuff! I have most of the seminars fully watched. Thanks for even more stunning pictures! I firmly believe that each picture is more delightful than the last.Love the catsuit and the other outfit you made! Can't wait to see it make an appearance! ; ) Enjoy your day! : )

Anonymous said...

You look like my mom, but in a good way.