Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sudbury Ontario tour with Isabelle

Isabelle (view her here) and I decided to take a road trip.. and what a lovely drive yesterday! We arrived in sudbury kind of late last night and although we booked adjoining rooms they made a mistake and we are not only on different floors.. we are in opposite wings! buildings.. too funny. The staff are extremely accomodating and felt really bad about also booking me into a room that was already occupied! Thankfully the guy had been called by the front desk to alert them to my arriving at the room but I hadn't! I thought I was being punked..

Anyway. we have been assured that today we will get adjoining rooms.. but all is fine here. We have decided to stay til Friday but we'll see if I last that long away from my puppies.. I miss them a ton. Thankfully I have an awesome set of puppy sitters.. one friend for a few days and then my niece for the last few.

I hope to play tourist a bit here and see some mines and such.. so stay tuned for a few pics :)

In the meantime here are a couple pics from my shoots this past week for the mistresscarriemoon website!

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