Saturday, June 1, 2013

yum.. another hot Bianca duo. It just keeps getting hotter!

SNR who you all may be jealous of books me for duos with all my hot girlfriends. I've probably seen him together with about 15 of my galpals over the 12 or so years I've known him. Some have of those ladies repeatedly. He really enjoys me.. but enjoys me sometimes even more when I get frisky with a lady.
His computer broke down some years ago and being a well read guy he keeps busy with books anyway.. so who has time for a computer.. but when he booked ahead this week I suggested he head to the library to look up pics of my new best gal pal Bianca.. and luckily he was also able to view the story of our prior duos as well. Yup! he says.... let's book a duo.
So it's not Sunday.. but he's still my SNR. Saturday afternoon deeeelight!
He knew we'd been suntanning the last couple days so requested us in bikinis.  Bianca in a little string bikini and me in a much more supportive I need the support! my tits are super heavy if you weren't aware.
He had also requested unbelievably upon reading about a 2-girl blowjob that he get one as he'd never had one. I couldn't believe in all our time of doing duos we'd never thought of that!
First we started with some titty worship. He worshipping both of ours and of course watching the two of us worship each others tits. Bianca has nipples that 'cut glass'.. whereas mine have large areolas. We are different but complementary for sure :) She is tanned all over.. whereas I prefer tan lines.
We moved from the edge of the bed where we were standing and he was sitting.. to all lying on the bed. Cuddled and played for a while and then she and I took to giving him the two girl blowjob.. to which I had to comment. I think this is why guys really like watching two girls kiss.. they picture their cock in the middle of it! we laughed..
He got very hard as Bianca sucked from the underside and I showed her exactly where his soft spot was under his head where the electricity amps up.. and I licked the front. We would also alternate sucking the head.. and while she was sucking I started my dirty talk that I know gets her hot and has the interesting side effect of making the cock suckee hot too!  Wanna hear it? you'll have to book us :p
It was way too early to make him cum.. so after torturing him a little too long we took a break. I told Bianca to lie down and spread her legs so I could pleasure her and softly started licking her delightful pussy. She is very responsive and loves my soft tongue and of course being a female I have no facial stubble to worry about like you guys sometimes do so I could get right in there deep :)
I vary it up a bit to see what works best alternating between up and down tongue flicks to circular motions to something similar to motorboating boobs with my lips in what I guess would be described as an open-lipped fish lip pucker?  not sure if you get it.. but it works wonders :)
a few minutes of this and she kept getting wetter til she came all over my face. Then she said it was my turn.. well SNR always likes to finish on my tits while lying on his side. and he was jerking himself now while watching her head bob up and down on my pussy.. this was all too much for him and he couldn't wait so he exploded over my tits a wee bit early. That's okay because it then gave us time to get she and him better acquainted through conversation while she lay across my body from right where she left off.. stroking my belly while I stroked his thigh and we had our pillow talk.
SNR is very well read so we always have a ton to talk about... catching up on the new discoveries we've seen on the news etc since our last visit. Never a dull moment there :)

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