Tuesday, November 18, 2014

mom role-play

So.. after doing myfriendshotmom back in 2008 and then some fetish clips for jerkygirls that involved step-mom/tutor/teacher and even mom role-play scenes.. I've been getting really good at doing similar scenarios in role-play appts with my clients.

I do love my regular sessions a lot.. and pride myself on being 'me' in my appts and having a genuine connection with my clients.

Role-play doesn't involve a true connection.. I have to be 'someone else'. For this reason a lot of my colleagues are uncomfortable with role-play. It takes them out of their comfort zone.

I get it.. I totally do... but I'm very comfortable now with role-play and surprise myself sometimes at how it rolls off my tongue and I can instantly switch it up.

With lots of direction given during the appt.. it doesn't run comfortably and I'm a bit mentally drained by the end.. this is why I only offer 'mild dom' because it's still not my forte and it doesn't flow as easily.. but the older stronger female (power dynamic not necessarily physically stronger) works for me. So if it's just a wee bit of a scenario and I can flow with it.. I shine :)

Last night was a prime example.. however I almost didn't take the booking..
It was booked by text.. I'm fine with that if it is simple and I get a good vibe.. but I tell the guy to jump in the lake if it's too much texting and too many questions.

He didn't get straight to the point and I was tired after a long day of 1) early travel from one province to the other.. and 2) it was getting late for me.

He asked about fetish.. to which I replied.. depends.. what is it?
He says.. well you've played friends hot mom well..
How about not the friend?

I was tired and slow.. so I didn't get it right away and then was getting frustrated with the back and forth.

Anyway.. I agreed to see him.. and duh.. he meant just play mom. not friend of mom.

So he came in the door.. and he was a hot 40ish well built guy with nice tats.. yum

I gave him a hug and then went right into character.. he had a hole in his shirt.. so I berated him like a mom would for going out in public with that.. I didn't raise my son to dress like that!

'Take off that shirt' I demanded.. and 'I will darn that hole'.. which is when I saw his tats and exclaimed 'when did you get tattoos'? Did you ask dad before you did that?

He looked sheepish and said no....

I said I was very disappointed in his behaviour and held out my hand demanding his allowance back. (cute way to get my fee without breaking character).. I was pretty please with myself for thinking so quickly on the spot when I was tired.. but I was having fun with it.

I said have you also been smoking? doing drugs? having sex??? He replied smoking but not drugs or sex.. yet.

(I broke character here for a second to ask.. 'is this what you had in mind'?) yes.. he smiled.

jumping back into mom mode..

I told him he wasn't too big to be spanked and to get his pants down and lay across my knees.. which he did..

Then I had him sit beside me and say.. I guess it's not too bad that you got the tats at 16 yrs of age (he wasn't really 16 FYI!.. he was a well grown adult man- this is just the role-play)

After all you're practically a grown man.. just so long as you haven' t had sex yet...

Was he getting good grades still at school and were the girls not to distracting? which is when I catch him looking down at my cleavage and I ask him if boobs in particular are distracting..

You get the rest I'm sure :) lol... I reward him the best way I know how to encourage him to stop smoking if I give him at home what he craves at school...

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Are you a mom in rl too? I am...