Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Be the punchline

Take a couple min to watch this video

I am a big proponent of change your view and you'll  change your experience...

Also of course the law of attraction.

This is very important in my business because of the nature of the extreme interpersonal exchanges that take place.. not only bodily but 'personally'.

On the odd occasion like today.. when someone texts me or calls me and when I ask how long of an appt they say 'depends how good you are'.. I just roll my eyes (to myself of course).

Do they not get that half if not more of the exchange in the session is from them???

How good are you? I want to respond.. but I keep my mouth shut (usually but not always.. ha!)

I don't generally 'script' an appt unless the person is a completely shy 'dead fish'.. and then I just go into certain routines

In that way I respond to them in their way.. but my way? it's to be gregarious.. chat about whatever flows and if there's a lot in common I have to be sure to lead things away from conversation before we spend the whole time chatting..

Anyway.. back to the video.. and both the law of attraction and being a giver rather than a taker..

It is more noticeable in this job than any other that when I'm in a good mood and feeling good about myself I attract more pleasant clients that are like-minded. If I'm in a bad mood.. feeling lousy energetically or physically I get pain in the ass 'potential' clients bugging me that I don't want or even showing up and getting through my radar than I would like because I'm 'off my game'. Not that I can't handle them.. but then it clearly shows me that 'what I do not want' and the pendulum swings to clearly define 'what I do want'.

So on to the 'giving' part. I wrote last night about role-play.. that and other scenarios where a guy has a strong desire to meet me specifically or just someone 'like me' in that I fulfill a fantasy.. just tickles me. I love being 'a present' to someone and when I get myself a present I know the same glee.

To see an unrequited fantasy fulfilled for someone is quite the honor for me.. and I treasure that.

I can be extremely generous when approached the right way.. as I believe we all can..

So don't start or end a conversation with 'depends how good you are'.. that just ruined any platform for me to wow you with and surprise you.

Don't challenge a person to give you a good time.. be the good time yourself and you'll reap the rewards :)


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