Saturday, November 27, 2010

New puppies!

No.. not my the 'puppies' on my chest.. actual live cute furry puppies.

I got them a week ago... this was something I'd been contemplating for some time. My beloved Lhasa Apso passed away almost 4 years ago.. and after she passed I took the opportunity to travel and of course ended up in LA etc to do porn. During my travels I spent some time in Arizona at Genie's (her porn site is now gone and she's retired from the biz) but she and her hubby had 4 yorkies who I fell madly in love with.

I decided when I was ready again I'd adopt 2 pups the same age so they could entertain one another..

This past summer I was with a friend at his boat and encountered a couple who had a mini-yorkie who was 'litter trained' and could go on the boat on a puppy pad. That clinched it for me. I hated walking my dog in the winter time because no matter how bundled up I was she couldn't keep warm enough or keep the booties on her feet to avoid freezing her delicate paws.

I found 2 brothers who hadn't been that well cared for (believe me this was a week for wanting to bitch-slap another person!) and immediately adopted them. They need to put weight on but they are otherwise fairly healthy.

Here are some pics!


Doc said...


Congrats. They are sure happy to have a great home!.. and I bet they wont mind mama around the house/yard naked either!!
They just want some love and food!!

jscot said...

Hi Carrie, These are the 2 luckiest dogs ever!

Ditch said...

sooo adorable