Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cherry Carrie

I put a temporary hair color on my hair.. it's a bit of a dark cherry red. Here's a couple pics from a recent girls night out for carrie-oke :)


Anonymous said...

You are the world's best MILF. I have been following your blog regularly since starting,hope to make love to you in all possible ways after 2 years. Would you be still working at 49 or 50 ? Have you hit menopause as yet and would you continue working after achieving menopause? Please reply as my future depends on it.

milfcarriemoon said...

Nope.. haven't started menopause.. but I wish! I would love to have that overwith. I intend to work in this business as long as I can :) Hang in there!

Randman said...

I love what you have done with your hair even if it only temporary! Best MILF? How about most beautiful woman ever? ; ) I swear you get better looking as the years go by! Stay (and I'm sure you will) beautiful! : )