Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Non-latex super thin Trojan condom review

I hate Trojan condoms.. with a passion.
They of course have the best advertising though and are the most well known condom on the market as far as North America goes at least..
BUT they stink! like rubber.. and if you have the ability to smell.. which I do like a bloodhound (I exaggerate for effect but you know what I mean) you know this to be true..
WHY oh why? when you have so many styles, sizes and other fun stuff do you have to have such a strong awful scent.. and Taste!

So.. when a delightful client who has been wanting to book me for several years.. since my days living in Etobicoke met with me today.. he asked me if I'd be willing to try the non-latex bareskin Trojan..
I figured why not? it's non-latex (made from polyurethane) so let's open the box (he was smart enough to know to leave the box unopened for me).. and open one of the condoms and give it the sniff test.

Sure enough.. no horrible easily recognizable scent... step 1.. okay! Ill try it.
It is hard to unroll. a bit stiff.. but when it's on the erect penis it looks like cellophane aka saran wrap... super thin.. and almost looks too delicate so that it might tear.. but it did not..
taste test.. not as good as my favorite brands.. lifestyle and one.. had still a weird slight taste of something 'off'.. like a spermicide.. which would be very bad in my mouth and my pussy.. but upon reading the box (and yes I stopped to do this as we tested this condom out) it did not declare any such offensive toxic substance

I wasn't enamoured of the 'flavour' at all.. so it doesn't encourage a really good sloppy cocksuck..lol..
and as for fucking with it.. I left that part up to him to determine if it was any different.. as I can't tell the difference at all..
I got very wet. nothing to do whatsoever with whatever condom might be covering his wonderful erect shaft..
He said.. he felt not enough discernable difference to warrant any change up in brand..

oh well! tried something new.. and that's my very unscientific review! cheers!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to the most beautiful woman :)

Alex said...

Happy Belated Birthday Carrie! Love you!