Thursday, January 21, 2010

I cum like a man part II

So I'm at my monthly seminar in Montreal.. long story but it's one I attend with a small group of like minded people who believe in the same spiritual and political journey I do. I met the people who lead it through a guy I dated a couple years ago in Toronto. This guy brought me to a seminar on trusts.. which I was very interested in. I wanted to open an off-shore bank account and eventually contacted them again when I got back from my porn journey in L.A.

Since then I have stayed very good friends with this couple.. but not the guy I dated. However here's a story that ties back to him sexually. When we were dating we were also working together. He was giving a seminar at a real estate office. We got there early and at one point we were in the coffee room whereupon I got up on the small counter and enticed him to fuck me on the counter for a mere few minutes before we could hear people arriving for the seminar. (There was a buzzer they had to buzz before he could let them in). Counter sex is hot but almost getting caught sex is a super buzz!

After a team building outing at one of the senior VP's houses north of Toronto F and I attended I went into the hottub with the VP's wife and him as well as the team manager (D).. who at one point in all of our drunkness made a pass at me. It wasn't one I was happy about at the time and he later apologized and it was forgotten about. F was a bit of a fuddy duddy about hottubs and wasn't in it at the time.

Cut to..this past weekend in Montreal. D attended this particular meeting from Toronto to give a talk to us about Matrix V... awesome talk and I ordered the book immediately!!! More about that later I'm sure. He looked good and prior to giving his lecture I kept finding him staring at me when I would glance in that direction. It was good to see him.

On my way home as I drove for 2 hrs.. I was excited by all the new stuff I had learned and was energetic. A good regular of mine had called during the meeting hoping to meet for our usual time of 7 pm.. and since I was only leaving Montreal at 7 that wouldn't happen. I phoned him to see if 9 would be okay and it was. Keeping in mind that my vegan diet was a week old and I was also cutting down almost completely on alchohol as well.. I decided to relax with a glass of wine when I got home. My body was in pain from sitting on the hard chairs in the facility we meet so I hoped it would help.

B showed up and we went upstairs. He's a really old guy and can't get fully hard to have sex so I used to blow him to finish.. whereas in the last few sessions he's rather enjoyed sitting on my midriff and finishing himself off on my tits.. but first he likes to bring me to orgasm either watching me do it with a vibrator while he strokes my body/plays licks my tits.. or he licks me. This time and last time however he wanted to use the vibrator himself. That's tricky because it's hard and if you hold it the wrong way it hurts.. after all my pelvic bone is directly behind that soft sensitive flesh you guys like so much :)

Anyway... I don't cum because of someone's technique or because a client is beautiful. I cum from my own imagination and so long as you don't do anything to sway me from it like bite me, scratch me or miss my clit completely.. I will cum. So here's where my fantasy went to...

I was back in Toronto with F fucking me on the counter in that seminar room. D was there this time and he was stroking himself watching me while I kept asking him if he liked watching F fuck me. It was hot and I came very well... then while in the afterglow of this cum I imagined them both licking the cum off my pussy. I got hot again while I pictured D now fucking me back at the Montreal seminar room I had just come home from. I told my client B about this scenario I had just cum with while he got ready to get on top of me to finish himself off.

This will probably keep me going for a few more masturbation sessions and then wear out... lose it's passion.

So I imagine this is why guys like to vary up the porn they watch. eventually a scenario will lose it's punch.. could be once. Could be a week.. could be a year..

I do however go back to some scenarios.. and guess what. It's like the guy on the park bench last fall when I was in Montreal said to me. You are beautiful. I'm going to dream about you tonight. I'm going to kiss you. and I'm going to choose the place. I thought it was great! He was right.. I can't control who is going to sexually fantasize about me and neither can you. I love my fantasies because I can make you or whomever I want.. do whatever I want. They will never disappoint me. Making them do things they wouldn't normally do is the best. I can make you suck another guys' dick.. or even get ass fucked. And you have no say in the matter... and please don't now ask me what I'm thinking when you see me next. If I'm so inclined I will tell you. They are my private thoughts and they are all mine unless I chose to share :) I promise you I won't ask you either what you are thinking :p


Austin said...

Awesome on both today's entries. As for the fantasy angle, I agree. It's awesome, and I had a long-time female friend that was too shy to hit on me, so instead, she emailed me some fantasies she'd had involving me. I took the hint, and we've been together for 4yrs. Sometimes, telling someone without their asking is a wonderful thing, lol.

Johann1516 said...

Wow. Because I have this fantasy. Where we are at a seminar. You have a strap on and you are making me suck it. While some guy jerks off. You then have me suck on his cock. While you fuck me with your cock. Then he takes a turn fucking me. The room begins to fill up. Soon I am being fucked by guys, women with strap ons and shemales. Everybody fucking my virgin ass. Actually I guess it wouldn't be a virgin ass; after you got finished with it.