Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse

I read this book while on my trip to Jamaica. Amazing stuff... being a naturopath by previous education I know the importance of doing liver cleanse herbs but this book blew me away!
Here's the website of the author Andreas Moritz
Other interesting things aside from liver issues that I've adjusted in my life.. circadian rhythms.. ionized water, eating animal protein, caffeine..

Apparently the most restorative sleep is between 10 pm and midnight so my previously night owl schedule has been amended. I now go to bed or at least try to at 10 pm.
I have been alchohol, caffeine and animal protein free since leaving jamaica. I splurged on all 3 on my last day there.. and of course felt the worse for wear on my flight home and subsequent day of recuperation following but I think it almost made it more secure in my mind by doing so..

I've had oatmeal for breakfast with blueberries, brown rice/lentils/hummus/salsa etc for dinner the past couple days and no hunger whatsoever! I never seriously gave vegetarianism a 2nd thought.. thinking I'd always be a die-hard meat eater.. but this book clinched it for me. I've read Natural Cures they don't want you to know about that got me to start eating less red meat and get halal (organic and kosher killed) when possible but I had no clue that animal protein was responsible for so many of our modern western diseases.

I had done one liver flush last month but will continue to do more until my stones are all removed.. I will keep you posted and I'm quite certain my already youthful looks will improve so that I'll get even younger :P

Yesterday I picked up some vegan cookbooks from chapters.. so off I go to do some more shopping!
okay.. so I went shopping and on the way to my favorite health food store I almost got t-boned by a woman. Normally this type of experience would have sent my adrenaline through the roof and I would have been buzzing for some serious time afterwards with my blood pressure raised. I drove off after the initial shock at her lack of driving skills and realized I was experiencing only minor adrenaline.
Today on day 4 of my diet I'm spurred on to super healthy choices.. made my first green smoothie with spinach, parsley, cherry tomatoes, oat water (I'm in love with it), coconut water, raspberry juice, frozen mango and it's yummy. I have a vitamix blender but you can get the same one from jack Lalanne for 1/4 of the price.. I found out too late though and had purchased one when I was in Arizona which I of course left there.

Here are the pages from the liver cleanse if anyone wants to try it.. but I highly recommend reading the whole book first.

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