Thursday, January 14, 2010

my trip to Jamaica

I went down south for a January getaway.. and my travelling companions pushed for jamaica so 2 out of 3 beat me out :) It was fine but frankly I wouldn't go there again. There are so many other places I'd prefer to go.. or even others I'd revisit. next on my list are probably Curacao (have relatives that grew up there as well as the other dutch west indies), Aruba, Costa Rica(been to both once but would go again in a heart beat), Panama, Peru, Ecuador (I especially want to visit an ecolodge there). Australia, New Zealand, go back to Europe, Dubai.. well you get the picture. I'm nowhere near done travelling!

The weather has been unseasonably cold in the southern US so it shouldn't be a shock that in Jamaica it rained most of our trip.. while others we met on our plane coming back had 7 full days of rain in Ochos Rios. I was in Trelawny.. about 1/2 hr from Montego Bay. I managed to get into the sun about 3 of the 7 days.. so I am indeed tanned :)

The entertainment was sorely lacking at this resort.. but I did get to do karaoke one night!
Someone explain to me why most of the wait staff here in Jamaica and in St. Lucia seem to be so miserable? I had the same experience in Ibiza last year but I was not at an all-inclusive. I want to drag them to Canada for a winter for just a few days in a blizzard and then I'm sure they would be smiling to be in perpetual sunshine.. or at least warmer weather.

The best part of this particular resort was the little island mere metres from the beach. There was a hammock and several beach chairs but no I indeed had to walk back to the main pool to get refreshments.. oh I could have used a cabana boy. Just kidding..I'm lazy but not that lazy :)

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