Monday, August 16, 2010

another full scene from jerkygirls on xhamster

Carrie jerks off sons

Carrie jerks sons

Keep in mind being a mom character while seemingly popular is not my first choice.. I get a kick out of playing stepmom characters but enjoy teacher type ones more..
so it may seem weird.. but it's a huge hit on fetish sites.. incest that is. Enjoy. Carrie.


Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie, I´ve finished to see another scene yours, I really liked it

When will you make your first anal scene?

I wish I could see it! it will be great!


milfcarriemoon said...

I don't do anal.. so don't hold your breath :)

Anonymous said...

ok, ok thank you for answer

I´m a great fan from Spain and I saw almost your scenes.

P.D: the anal´s scene will stay in my imagination :)