Saturday, January 15, 2011

came for sex.. left with a plan

Every once in a while I get into a conversation that ends up being lifechanging for a client.. after the session. Small talk turns into a counselling session that either addresses an issue between them and their S.O. (wife/girlfriend) or family member. Or I address health concerns and direct them to a supplement/herb or homeopathic remedy.

Yesterday a client confessed to me that other than his S.O. who had stopped having sex with him but once/year I was the only other woman he'd been with. He was very enthusiastic during our session of course and thankfully didn't muddy the fun til afterward... what I mean by that.. is you can get depressed when you think about the reasons that brought you to someone like me if it's out of being left to yourself to satisfy your sexual needs.. or in his case not even being 'allowed' to self satisfy his sexual needs.

Selfish people piss me the fuck off... I hear of course more about selfish women then I do men in my career.. as they end up seeing me or someone like me. I mean if a woman is unwilling to look at through a therapist or from her doctor checking her hormones to find out why she lost her sex drive she has no business telling her partner who still has a healthy sex drive that his doesn't matter.

After quizzing him to find out if she'd exhausted all avenues (which she refused to do) I encouraged him to get counselling on his own and suggested some books that had made a huge impact in my life ('reinventing your life' for starters) and a course (landmark education) that made the biggest difference for me. I pointed out to him that if he made changes in his life causing happiness.. she would want what he wanted as we all deep down want to be happy.

Taking care of your own emotional and spiritual advancement is vitally important. Being selfish in this way is actually beneficial to others in your life so it's not really selfish is it?? It's you being the best you you can be and as you do that you will draw people to you who enhance your life and those who refuse to follow that path will fall away. Believe me.. it works.

The problem is people don't take the time to truly understand themselves and they don't take the time to work on their relationship with themselves.

Sex is one way of expressing myself and since I realized I have something men want.. I could sell my services. Many of my clients I'm sure are attracted to that 'mother earth' quality I have.. and that my friends is the true MILF experience.

Of course others have no care in the world for what I have to say.. and that's okay too. They are impacted by me in some small way through my SEXUAL care and nurtured by mother earth :)

ps. I had a previous client contact me after we had had a long talk about the landmark course and both he and his gf had attended... Good for them!

go here to check it out. If you go.. I highly recommend the advanced course.. after the 4 day intensive forum.


Anonymous said...

Wow that's pretty sad to hear about his wife doing that to him. Would she be mad if she found out he wants to see other people?

Anonymous said...

Most interesting as I am very much in a similar position in that my wife has not been intimate with me since, now are you ready for it, 1996!! She refuses to discuss the issue with me but insists it's her problem yet she will not take any action to remedy it through her physician nor will she seek out any counselling. I've been told by her that if I don't like the situation then I am free to leave. Talk about blackmail.

wiki123 said...

first happy new year and prosperous health for you.your strong personalily make you writing and thinking and making you feel that you have public responsability.or you think only that you have only customers.

milfcarriemoon said...

re: public responsibility. yes! It actually rarely brings me new customers.. as most of my blog followers are not even local to me!

wiki123 said...

dear Crescent Moon :))
interesting to know that you feel that you have public responsabilty.perhaps with time and experience you felt that responsability is deal.
really interresting to think about you try to find the pathology of the field and human relation?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences, hopefully i can use some of your advice. I`m a 35yold virgin and its tough figuring out whats going on with myself and everything else i connected with some of the stuff you had to say. Keep it up i`m sure you`re having a positive effect on peoples lives.