Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my spiritual journey

Long fucking story.. so I'm just going to go back to how I got involved with conspiracy theory and politics for now within in the last 3 years.

I was involved with a guy in Toronto briefly in 2007 and believe it or not on our very first date we went for a drink and met friends of his visiting from Montreal. I met G and S with him at the hotel they were staying at and then he took me to a seminar G was giving the next day on off-shore banking.. which was of major interest to me!

S stayed in touch with me after F and I broke up as we had so much in common in spiritual,holistic and now obviously financial/political interests. I was however very reluctant to disclose what I did for a living with them and was pretty sure F hadn't disclosed it either. The initial business interests they had with F dissolved as well and they didn't keep in touch with him either.

Anyway.. I went to a few more seminars with F that other people were having and learned so much! I recall my journey started with a firemen friend of mine sending me a link on Zeitgeist ( see my previous blogs or just google it).

These seminars lead me down the rabbit hole and I never looked back. I knew in my heart of hearts that the gov't was completely corrupt never mind who tried in good faith to get in there and change it. These documentaries only stirred my mind up more.

In any case... I attended the landmark forum that summer which I also found about through F and then I attended the advanced course.. thinking full well this would be the vehicle I needed to get rid of some baggage which it did.. and would likely open me up to getting back into a medical practice. It not only did not do that.. It sent me on my journey to LA! I was spurred on to follow that vision.. surprise surprise.

I went to Arizona for a couple months that fall.. and then in Jan I attended a 2nd Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas (AEE) and made more friends in the industry.. and well you know that story from a week ago.

While I was in LA... S kept sending me wonderful emails keeping in touch with me and inviting me to visit them in Montreal. I kept them at arms length until I finally gave up and just outed myself to her in an email. Because they were so spiritual in nature I thought they might be 'religious as well' in nature as some are and find what I was doing to be 'sinful'.. you really never know who is going to find what you do hilarious and intriguing and who is going to spurn you. Thankfully they were of the former category. She told me it was awesome I was 'off the grid' already in my thinking and financial earnings.

I was relieved and when I got back to Toronto I reconnected with them. They were visiting other friends in Toronto and we met for lunch whereupon I told them I was ready to go ''offshore'' in my banking. They replied with ''we are so far beyond that now'' and I started attending more seminars. Now.. I know this may be intriguing to many of you reading this.. but other than finding your own rabbit hole through the groups/links/videos on my old blog about politics I really can't help you. I value my privacy too much to let you know when and where these meetings are hosted but you can find your own if you open yourself up and educate yourself.. is a great resource but find blogs/forums etc and the universe will provide for you. It did me :)

The law of attraction really works... read up on it.. fill yourself with it and grow from there. There is so much more to life than meets the eye. Look deeper.


Unknown said...

Carrie, I love you !!
You are the perfect MILF :)

Kiss from France

Anonymous said...

Listen to David Icke sweetie. He explains it all very clearly.

milfcarriemoon said...

yes. I'm familiar with David Icke :)