Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pic from my lesbian flick Darling.

Sandy Bunz added me on facebook the other day. He was the director for my lesbian flick 'Darling' that I did with Skyler Morgan. Some of you local Ottawa and Toronto boys were lucky enough to meet Skyler when she came back with me from Florida. I met her at Girlz inc (that blog is way at the beginning). We ended up spending a ton of time together and bringing her back with me to Toronto where I lived at the time was when I introduced her to her first snow! When we drove to Ottawa we drove literally through a blizzard and the amount of snow we ended up having that winter here was frightening to her. She was afraid we would be snowed in and she wouldn't get out..lol. This little blond lovely (she's wearing a dark wig for this movie) was from Louisiana and had a cute southern accent.

Anyway.. she made Georgia her home and eventually went back.. but we hooked up again once I made it to LA and this was the only film we did. I still haven't received a copy of the movie. Sandy had promised both of us 100 copies for a reduced filming fee... but this was right around the time so many companies felt the pinch of free video sites popping up and right after releasing our vid he folded his company.

At least it was produced. The number of films I did that are unreleased is disheartening.. and people keep asking me when I'm doing more films. I'd love to shoot!!! but free downloads have literally killed the business.

Anyway.. Sandy had this photo of the 2 of us on his profile so I snagged it. If anyone has a copy of Darling please let me know.. I'd love to see it :)

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jscot said...

H Carrie,
You are most interesting to read!. I do check in just about every day. Really something to look forward to. I might also add go to look back on too.
With all of your capabilities and more than interesting career I am sure you could produce a dam good book!
The right guy will appear! J