Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm not looking for the ''right guy''

Thanks for the comments and support re: cheating. I was just rambling... and I've had some lovely relationships over the years.. but I'm not looking for the 'right guy'.

I have gone on a spiritual path in the last few years that has changed my focus from thinking finding an appropriate romantic relationship was the be all and end all.

I blame harlequin romance novels and fairytales for that belief as well as my mother's voice in my ear. What mother doesn't want all her kids to grow up, get happily married and provide her with some grandkids.. Mine is one of those..but other than my sister.. none of us has provided this for her. I know she's given up on me. She also wanted me to be a nurse like her and she was a fantastic nurse.. but it's just not for me although I did pose like one in a mag.. kind of freaked me out actually.. seeing myself in the old style nurses cap like my mom had when she graduated from nursing back in the 60's. I know she's given up on one of my brothers as well who is a confirmed bachelor.. but the other she's still holding out hope for :)

It's not to say I wouldn't be open to meeting someone like Annessa who is my best friend and co-conspirator in duos etc.. in a male form. I'm not a lesbian.. I need cock.. so someone like her in male form would be perfect in most ways.

It is to say that talking about cheating isn't the reason I'm not dating anyone.
The reason I'm not actively seeking a romantic relationship is two-fold. I'm happy living alone. I don't need a man to 'complete me'.

My spiritual journey is something I'll talk about again in a few days.. in the meantime something else is on my mind.

see the next post.

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