Thursday, April 21, 2011

My interview on

My interview on

I only started doing porn after about 2 years of researching it, that was about 4 years ago,” reveals Ottawa escort Carrie Moon. “And I dipped into it slowly. Eventually I decided to go full on for a few months in Los Angeles and absolutely loved it there.”

Sultry and sexy Carrie was not unfamiliar with adult work when she decided to test the waters of porn. In fact, she’s been an escort for over 20 years. She got into that work to pay off student loans and stuck with it. “I was working as a security guard in the oh-so-not-sexy polyester uniform and studying while I worked nights. My first night escorting I made $500 bucks in my first shift, which was more than I earned in a week of night shifts as a security guard. I quit my 'square job' immediately and never looked back.”

In the beginning Carrie worked for an agency, but after some uncomfortable appointments, she decided to go independent. “Best decision I ever made. I used my intuition and now my experience to make better choices for myself about suitable client compatibility and am much happier as a result... which is why some 20 + years later I'm still doing it.”

Moving from escorting to porn has been a lot of fun for Carrie, but it hasn’t been easy or particularly profitable. “It's really difficult to make it in porn as a Canadian in my opinion. Unfortunately, by the time I decided to really give it a go in porn was about the time the porn industry started to collapse. What I mean by that is the free porn sites and torrent sites giving it away for free, which of course makes it hard to produce porn when it costs to produce.”

If choosing between the two were to ever been an option, escorting would win, hands down, for Carrie. Porn seems to be more an enjoyable side project. “I like escorting better for so many reasons. It's discreet. I don't have to get into several uncomfortable positions to make it better for the viewer as there is none! I don't have to have sex under hot lights and I don't have an audience directing me. BUT I love the end result of my porn and do enjoy watching it, so it's worth it to produce some. I also earn my living from escorting whereas porn makes me almost no money, contrary to what most people think.”

Having modeled for several magazines and photographers, Carrie favours the magazine work. “The idea of being a centerfold to me is a real coup! A true male fantasy pinup girl. I have done some more theme-oriented fully clothed modeling as well and I would still like to do some authentic pinup vintage-style modeling at some point.”

Within both her escorting and porn work, Carrie falls into the very popular MILF category. While she may not be a mother herself, this is a role she’s grown into over time. She was young when she started out, but she loves that younger men have crushes on her now. And she doesn’t think the popularity of ‘cougars’ is just a fad.

When she’s not hard at work, Carrie enjoys shopping, visiting with friends, TV and her absolutely favourite thing, ‘Carrie-okie.’ In the future, she’d like to continue in the industry in a different way. “I'd love to have an old fashioned brothel, but only if all aspects of my profession were to become completely decriminalized here in Canada, like it is in Australia.”


Renovation Man! said...

you such a positive person. i love reading your blogs!

taz said...

"but she loves that younger men have crushes on her now" & i m definitely 1 of them carrie hun xoxoxo