Monday, April 18, 2011

Something in the planet's alignment?

This past week has been freaky.. so many of my friends and myself have been going through some rough patches. Both myself and one of my friends had some trauma scares with pets... some really rough fights with close loved ones (see my last post - no details given on who this time b/c it's not the point) and some dumbass clients that I just had to throw up my hands last night and hang up on one. Not that that's anything new. I can be a real bitch to someone who is disrespectful but I mostly hold my tongue and just hang up so as not to feed that energy.

I saw this guy a couple weeks ago and he was a pain in the ass.. but fine enough. I was feeling really vulnerable last night due to the ''break up'' with a good friend of mine. First thing he says to me..after asking if I'm available? 'what you gonna charge me'? He knows my rates.. b/c he's obviously seen me before. He just wants to play a stupid game with me (which he tried to pull the night of the first appt) of I'm so charming that you'll do things with me you don't do with other clients right? Here we go again!!! no!

Now obviously he's starting out with another line of tack.. ''you'll give me a discount because I'm so charming'' which he is definitely not by the way.. but you all know I take offense to this bullshit anyway..

I told him.. If you're gonna give me a hard time I'm gonna hang up on you. He says.. 'ah. I don't like that.. you say you're gonna hang up on me.'

Well.. you had one chance to redeem yourself buddy and you blew it. 'Sorry Carrie.. I won't disrespect you again'.. goes a long way with me. I said good night and hung up. I am usually pretty strong.. but last night I was way too vulnerable to deal.

The worst thing about guys like this trying to wrangle a discount! he's loaded.. so it's not about the money.. it's all about the manipulation game. I have no fucking patience for that today bud.

It's just that this past couple weeks (and I've talked to a few colleagues about this) it seems more prevalent. So that's why I say is there something going on with the planets? I don't know enough about this stuff :P

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Anonymous said...

After effects from New Zealand/Japan earthquake. Plus we are having some major Sun flares.