Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yup... corner turned

Getting centered, grounded makes a huge difference.

Had a very respectful repeat client yesterday who followed up with a text to thank me (always appreciated if you had a good time)

and today a lovely new client who made me convinced the stars have turned around.

I am learning to meditate and read some of the ''be your own shaman book'' and I feel love again instead of the pain I felt over the weekend at having a friend turn on me.

If any of this rings true for you.. view and especially watch the movie she made ''heal your own life''. It will do wonders for you.

No matter what horrible childhood traumas you have had be it sexual abuse or whatever it is that's holding you back from healing these 2 ladies have been through the gammit and come out the other side helping and healing others.

I have had to reach out to friends this past weekend and it was hard at first because I didn't know how.. mostly because after being hurt the way I was I always revert back to feelings of ''I'm just not worth it''. BUT guess what!!! I am.. and WE ALL ARE. cheers, C.

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