Friday, July 29, 2011

3some with Chanel Reign 'squirter extrordinaire'

Chanel and I had had this duo booked for about 2 months. It was with someone I had seen a couple times and always had fun. He was a regular of hers..

A 3some is even better when the fella knows what turns each of our cranks and then watches the sparks fly between the 2 ladies he fancies.

Chanel and I knew each other for a couple years socially but hadn't yet played together.. so we were both nervous and excited. I was particularly excited about the possibility that Chanel would make me squirt and she did! twice! not as much gushing as she did.. if that were even possible.. because Chanel came so many times I had to throw the towel under her wherever she landed a 1/2 dozen times. It was fantastic to watch!

The best part of a threesome for me is the variety of juxtapositions of the bodies and points of view I can witness. But the noises and expressions of delight and stimulation amplify everything. It's way more fantastic than watching porn.. it's a live sex show with an up front seat and audience participation. Fanfuckingtastic!

M brought champagne for the 2 hr rendezvous and Chanel brought a fruit plate. M opened the champagne and directed the 2 ladies to 'get acquainted'.. but we were too busy yapping at first from the excitement and anticipation...

Eventually M directed me to lie down and have Chanel lick me...which she did like she was opening a xmas present. Seriously one of the best things about having my pussy licked is the delight of the licker! She was delighted to be exploring my lips. She confessed to having masturbated to me and it was obvious M was delighted by our delight in one another.

While she was licking me.. M stuck his fingers in her pussy and made her cum quite quickly and voraciously.. This was squirt #1.. and I watched while she gushed! It was spectacular. I hadn't seen it for quite some time esp up close in person. M commented that she had needed to take the edge off so he obliged her right away :)

Then as promised it was my turn to try squirting. I'd had a couple instances of clients making me squirt but my mouth and with fingers. She tried it with her mouth and a dildo.. and I realized what would work for me would be my magic wand and the dildo.. and sure enough it did. I really can't say I felt it much but both Chanel and M say I did squirt.. and M said.. 'good girl' to which I responded.. Do I get a gold star? and chuckled. I was tickled.. no matter how long you've been at something...There's always something new to learn or experience.

Chanel is equally voracious when she sucks a cock. She sucked M's cock while I sat on his face.. b/c as you know I love to watch cocksucking.. so obviously I was facing her instead of the wall :p While sucking him she fingerfucked herself and made herself gush a couple more times... and then it was my turn to suck some cock

During the 3some there was lots of breast play. She likes her nipples pinched and bit. So it was at this point while she was watching me suck M's cock..she was about to gush and couldn't quite make it when I reached over and pinched her nipples and voila! gush! We joked it was like milking a cow but the liquid came out of the other end.

Another joke came out of my mouth when M was slapping her pussy lightly.. I said. ''What is the sound of one hand clapping''? in my best confuscious impression. We of course burst into laughter for the rest of the session anytime anyone gently slapped (clapped) a clit.

Chanel was a bit drained.. understandably after gushing so many times.. so we tried to get me to squirt again. I lay on my back and she dildo'd me while I got my trusty magic wand out again. I tend to be slow to burn but loud and animated the more I cum... to the point where I'm afraid I'll fly off the bed! Apparently I squirted again a little bit.. but I really couldn't feel it this time. My clit was exploding and my 'loins' twitching so much that I really wasn't sure.

The two of them came up and squeezed my tits (which I love when I'm wound up) and I kept cumming over and over.. this was nearing the end of our appt which is why I had built up sooo much height to it. We lay around afterwards.. Chanel commenting that it is hard to stop orgasming once you've started (yes we women really luck out when it comes to cumming) and that with practice I would really get it about squirting. I might.. I've been curious about learning to squirt more.. but I commented that I like my orgasms so much the way they are 'why fix it if it ain't broke' is my motto :)

Here's Chanel's site if you wish to experience her gushing and other magnificent skills of course.

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Randman said...

Yet another hot duo! I think I squirted after I read it! haha! Hot stuff indeed! A great time was obviously had by all. Very hot and descriptive! It was nice to hear you experimenting a bit with squirting, the magic wand seems to pull it off for so many cumming I mean) I agree with your motto but sometimes it can be the exploration that makes it a;; the better. And Chanel looks lovely! : )