Saturday, May 29, 2010

discounts for good looking guys.... NOT!

Can't stand when guys text me or email me to ask if they get a discount for being good looking. They often like they are so cute and funny I should jump at the chance to see them for a discount or hey.. why not for free? get bent!!!!

Arrogance is the biggest turn off you could ever present me.. next to being rude &/or bargaining with me.. so lose/lose for you! I will tell you to go find someone else.

Granted it seems to happen lately with younger guys.. and I sigh.. they have their momma's tell them how cute and fantastic they are.. and they spread that cocky idiocy around. Older guys tend to mostly have become realistic that looks aren't the major thing we are interested in.. not even remotely. But then again some people never grow up and in their 40's and 50's still hear their mom's voice in their head telling them how great they are.. and they can't believe we don't think so too!


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