Monday, May 31, 2010

rough day.. sore girlie

I woke up Sat morning with an inflamed gum. It was sore but I figured it could wait til monday to see a dentist. I had 3 appts during the day.. 1 for an hr, 1 for 1/2 hr and a 2 hr appt. I also managed to get to the Glebe during the afternoon for the famous garage sale and walk around.

Sunday however was another story. I managed to sleep with a bit of pain and discomfort.. I woke up in at least 50% more pain than the previous day and new I wouldn't make it til Monday. I was up at 8 am (early for me) and searched emergency dental clinics. Found one open at 9 am and called them at 9:10 after cancelling my trip to Montreal for my monthly freedom seminar.

He was a very sweet dentist. This is important in such a delicate area. He saw how inflamed it was and gave me a swab with that bubblegum flavoured numbing stuff.. (no idea what it is). Then he started clearing the infection. I winced and even cried tears of pain and started sobbing.. like a little kid.. I felt like one too! vulnerable and scared.

He said.. you need more freezing.. I said yup.. with what could be seen as a sad pout if it hadn't been for my mouth being pried open by the tools. so.. he injected my gum with novocaine. It immediately made my chest heave (ya you dirty minded guys get over it) and my breathing became laboured. I don't like to do recreational or pharmaceutical drugs as I don't react well to them. My friend later explained to me it's basically cocaine.. yikes. It definitely numbed the pain and my mouth though... so it was worth it.

I wasn't 100% sure I could get out of the chair when he was done. He suggested I need to get the wisdom teeth removed and I agreed.. so we made an appt for Friday. I made it home.. and took some advil and after fighting with my alertness finally gave in and went to sleep for a few hours.

Today.. I answered my phone and a client that I had seen about 3 years ago made an appt. I warned him I couldn't service him orally and he was determined to see me anyway.

oh yeah.. my allergies had been so bad as well that my left eye was sore and swollen so I looked quite a sight. he didn't care and we had a great reunion :)

the rest of my day was spent getting antiobiotics, clove oil (great for teething so thought I'd give it a try) and then getting groceries I could eat .. nothing with too much chewing. I got some more plants for the garden as well and other goodies for the house so I'm spent again.

Veggin'time... night all.

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