Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moved into a new house!

This last move was not my choice. I loved where I was living.. but the owners wanted to sell and I didn't want to buy... so I moved. I'm no longer in westboro but the neighbourhood I moved into is so lovely and I'm happy to have had to move as it's a blessing in disguise. This house is much larger.. with several windows and a huge space for a rec-room in the basement as well as a giant backyard so I can sunbath and garden :) Now if they want to sell this house in a year or so.. I would definitely consider buying it!

I'm in the south east end of the city near Alta Vista. Of course I will be more specific when clients book an appt :)

1 comment:

AZ said...

Please give yourself a house warming gift & walk around the new house totally NUDE & take pictures!!! Better yet, invite friends over & have iconic sex in your favorite areas of the home.

May I suggest starting off with the room that will allow sun bathing? Never too early to start that no bikini line tan!!!:) :)