Thursday, May 20, 2010

Girls night in with Soleil from winnipeg

Met Soleil from Winnipeg while she was touring in Ottawa last week. Erin hosted a party at her place near chinatown.

Angela and I went to pick Soleil up from her hotel and we went over to Erin's. Annessa and a few other girls made it over as well. Erin has a small but very cozy student style apartment and Angela commented that it felt like we were back in University.. it did!

Soleil and Eva hadn't really met any other girls in the industry so were extremely happy to be welcomed so openly. It is an awesome feeling finally finding kindred spirits when most of us have come from a background of keeping a very secretive lifestyle. Erin in particular is very open about what she does and educates those around her about sex (see the previous blog for her recent article).

Sorry no pics guys & girls as not all the girls attending this party show their faces online..

Soleil it turns out is half dutch which is probably why we ended up bonding so well. Friday night was a hoot but Angela and I begged off early (1 am..) while the other ladies partied into the morning and paid for it the next day!

I took Soleil out on Sunday to show her our beautiful city and then we hung out in my large backyard having a bbq and drinks with Angela Sunday afternoon.

So now I have a kindred spirit in Winnipeg who I will visit this summer. I've never been and have wanted to for some time.

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